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Maine Outdoor Education Program

Forms For Your Upcoming Trip

The Maine Outdoor Education Program is excited to welcome you and your class in to our program!

Listed below are the necessary forms and a check list to get you started on your outdoor adventure.  Our Program Director will be sending, via e-mail, a student in-take form which will be an important accessory in supporting the efficiency of the program upon arrival.  Please note that you are signing a waiver, please print out and sign.

Participation Instructions: Please note the highlighted titles which will need to be completed and returned before participation.

  • Download Corresponding PDF – 1 per participant including chaperones and teachers. These forms are collected upon arrival. Please make an effort to have these compiled in alphabetical order by classroom, and submit with a MOEP Overview Sheet included in the packet as well as a class list.  It is important to remove all releases of students, teachers or chaperones not attending.
  • Lunch & Snack: All lunches should be packable in a backpack and include water.  No glass bottles. We are a carry-in/carry-out system. This means we do not have a facility for anyone to discard of trash, etc. Please come prepared to remove all trash that you came with.
  • Appropriate outerwear and clothing for the weather to include rain jacket, change of footwear: decent water shoes or water sandals with an ankle strap (Crocs are acceptable) that can get wet, synthetic or wool garments if possible, hat, sunscreen and a change of warm clothes as there is chance that  students will be wet.
  • Electronic devices such iPods, hand-held games, cellphones, etc…are not allowed.

Trip Forms and Paperwork

Mountain Biking and Hiking Trip Forms

XC Ski and Snowshoe Forms