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APRIL 12, 2023

All trails are officially closed for the season! We will post when Mountain Biking conditions permit.
Thank you everyone for a great winter season!!
*The Visitor Center is open Seven Days a Week.
*All rental ski gear is located in our Visitor Center, and is available by donation.
*Our donation box is located right as you walk into our Visitor Center building. All donations go directly to our Maine Outdoor Education Program.
*Please do not forget to sign-in and sign-out of our Visitor Center before entering the trails.
*Rental Ski Gear sizes range from children aged 5 to full grown adults.
*Please do not walk on our trail system!
*If you are snowshoeing, please remain to the far edges of the trails!
*We ask that you do not fat tire bike unless it is below 25°
***Our parking lots fill up fast! Please park smart and leave enough room for the next person to park responsibly beside you! If our main parking lot is full, please park on the righthand side of our access road. Thank you!***